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Used Car Buying Tutorials - Step By Step

If you are looking at buying a used car but you lack the technical or practical knowledge required to make an informed decision This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about used car buying. Learn from expert mechanics in simple english exactly what to look for when inspecting a used car and more importantly how to avoid buying a lemon!

Learn What Experts Look For When Buying Used Cars

In this tutorial you will learn what a mechanic is looking for when buying a used car as well as extensive information about which used cars will last the longest, which used cars will be cheapest to buy, and how to find a good deal when used car shopping - straight from the experts in simple step by step plain english.

These topics are covered in the used car buying tutorial:

Reading The Used Car Ad
Evaluating The Seller
Vehicle Type
Vehicle Year
Insurance Quotes
Economy & Fuel Mileage
Vehicle Reputation
Engine Inspection
Transmission Inspection
Exhaust & Emissions
Electrical Systems
Glass & Mirrors
Tires & Brakes
Body & Frame
What To Avoid

This information is intended for any person looking to be more confident when buying a used car. Taking every used car that you are interested in to a mechanic for an inspection can be a costly and time wasting process. This information will fill in the gaps and teach you how to hunt out the best deals and most reliable used cars. Begin the tutorial here